By Davina Mackail

Here we are at Midsummer. We have arrived at the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Goddess is now full and pregnant with Child, and the Sun God is at the height of his virility. It is the peak of the Solar year, and the sun is at the height of its life-giving power.

The Earth is awash with fertility and fulfilment, and this is a time of joy and celebration, expansiveness, and achievements.

Yet within this climax is the whisper and promise of a return to the dark. As the light reaches its peak, it…

An interview with Rina Golan on how rejuvenate on daily basis and have a harmonious life.

In January, I talked to Rina Golan about her Spring Cleanse and her seasonal work in helping us to live a balanced and healthy life. Now that we are moving into summer, I wanted to catch up with her again and talk about what happens after we cleanse — the Rejuvenation stage.

She will be holding one more free Summer Cleanse, June 11th-15th and Rejuvenation Retreat June 25th-29th before she moves onto a woman’s initiative called Seasonal Sangha in September. …

An interview with Rebecca Card on the 8 Shields Model and how it can transform our communities

Rebecca Card is a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide and Cultural Mentor. She has been involved in organising and facilitating 8 Shields programs and is a grief tender. I chatted with her last year about her role as a grief tender, but this time I wanted to find out more about the 8 Shields model, and its use as a tool in our personal lives, community and business. In BrightSky we build the organisation of the central team around the principles of 8 Shields model.

What is the 8 Shields model?

The 8 Shields model is based on patterns in nature. Many people are aware of…

An interview with Davina Mackail

Here at BrightSky we hold the values of the community above all else. We aim to create a space for people to be part of a movement of change, to join together in building a world based on respect for each other, the land and the generations to come. Living in a community is a vital skill many of us in the west have lost. The values of individualism and profit eclipsing all others in our society, but has this made us any happier? Do we feel more fulfilled with the more things we have? …

Rina Golan talks about how to ditch fad diets and live a healthy balanced life.

Rina Golan is a wellbeing community events facilitator and BrightSky partner. She teaches holistic, yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle approaches that help people align with the rhythms in nature.

She is offering a free five day cleanse every season to the BrightSky community.

I wanted to have a chat with her about her work and find out if she had any tips on the best way to cleanse so that we can all assimilate its benefits into our busy lifestyles.

I started by asking her why do we need to cleanse?

The protocol from ancient medicine systems…

An interview with Maia Francis and Steven

Maia Francis is a channeller and BrightSky member. I met Maia at a couple of online round tables, and despite my slight scepticism when it comes to channelling, I was surprised to find myself drawn to her. She is vivacious and down to earth, with a hearty sprinkling of humour, and I thought she would be a great person to interview. The theme for February was dreaming, and that felt like the perfect opportunity to get her on Zoom.

We met towards the end of the month and had a fun and lively…

An interview with Rebecca Card on the importance of accepting our grief.

Rebecca Card is a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide and Cultural Mentor. She also organises and facilitates 8 Shields programs and is a grief tender. I wanted to chat with her about grief and its effects, both for us as individuals and culturally. The changes wrought by the pandemic and Lockdowns are causing many of us to face parts of ourselves that remained hidden before. The massive societal shifts around the world that have taken place in the last year have been both drastic and shocking. Who would…

Sean Ryan talks about the importance of dream journeying in the creative process

Grab a cup of your favourite tea and sit down for a while and imagine this.

Imagine I could take you on a journey to other worlds and lands. There you might meet talking trees who communicate mathematically with sentient magic tree pollen. You might meet teachers and higher powers who live in white pyramids but are actually bumble bees. You may take a bath with whales in an active volcano crater filled with seawater, or you may take a bath in the healing waters golden waters of a pool designed to rejuvenate and renew your mind and body.


An interview with Ben Gross from Wider Horizons

Image by @PhilipVolkers Photography

Ben Gross runs Wider Horizons, organising events for young adults. He is an active member of the BrightSky community, and I spoke to him about his work and the challenges facing young people during Lockdown. Ben is an experienced, teacher, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and university lecturer. Before he set up Wider Horizons he worked with schools developing bullying awareness and race-equality strategies. His extensive work with children and young adults led him to combine all his skills to create gatherings for young adults to connect with nature, peers and with themselves.

What is Wider Horizons?

Wider Horizons organises transformational gatherings in nature for young adults…

An interview with Chloë Aldam, Simplicity Parenting Coach

Family dynamics during Lockdown have seen a dramatic change. Numerous parents are struggling with creating a healthy, rich environment for their children whilst still coping with work-life responsibilities. Homeschooling over prolonged periods, the lack of structured school life, financial burdens, health issues and isolation have seen extra pressures added to our plates, and our children are feeling the effects.

It has been a blessing for some, a time to slow down, spend more time with the family and foster deeper relationships, but even in the most peaceful of homes, the pandemic will…

Katherine Ewen

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